News from Glossopdale Foodbank

Generous Harvest Donations October 2021


Heartwarming generosity of locals The generosity of donations to the Foodbank from local schools and churches through their Harvest Festivals, has once again shown the caring and big hearted nature of the people of Glossopdale. “Throughout the passed year people have been really generous in what they have donated directly to the Foodbank or by what they have put in the donation baskets at the supermarkets, for which we say a big thank you. So when we saw what people had given to the Harvest Festivals we were more than delighted by the amount that had been given. And as we appear to be facing an increasingly uncertain future, we know that for people struggling to make ends meet, the Foodbank is a positive way by which they can receive help for themselves and their families. Every donation matters, so once again, a big thank you!” Here are some examples of the wonderful Harvest donations we have received from local schools and churches.Harvest donation from a local school Harvest donation  donation from a local churchHarvest donation from a local church